Bitsboard App



Bitsboard combines a number of strategies into one versatile and customizable app. The app includes flashcards, matching games, and visual multiple choice games on many different subjects. Users may download additional "boards" which are available in a variety of subjects at a differing levels of difficulty. Alternatively, users may also create and customize their own "boards" to use as teaching tools. Mini games include flashcards, multiple choice games (called "photo touch"), matching games, and "word builder" games. This app is beneficial to any alternative learner or young child, but is especially recommended for children dealing with autism spectrum disorders. This app is simple and easy to use.  Bitsboard is a great way for your child to practice their articulation sounds by listening to the words and repeating them back as they play games.  Your child can also use the boards to help build their vocabulary skills.  

How to download boards:

1.  Click on Catalog and then shared boards 

2. Search a skill that you would like your child to work on (ex. S-blend words)

3. When you find a board you like, simply click the download cloud and the board is added to your collection. 

4.  There are multiple games and activities to play with the boards in your collection.  Explore and Have Fun!