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Reading/Language Arts


Below you will find the reading/language arts activities we will do in class this week.


Phonics: a consonant e, o consonant e, u consonant e, i consonant e, e consonant e


Spelling Words: ask, big, can, cat, drop, lost, ants, snip, flag, stand, [Bonus Words - of, to]


Sight Words: but, your, from, put, man, what, here, saw, play, who 



hooves - the hard part of the feet of some animals

frozen - changed from a liquid to a solid as a result of very cold temperatures

coat - an animal's covering made of fur or hair 

antlers - hornlike growths on mammals, such as moose and deer, that are made of bone

sleds - vehicles for traveling on snow or ice

reindeer - a type of deer that lives in cold regions 


Shared Reading:

Reindeer (December 1-9)

Log in to Kids A-Z using the app and click “My Assignment” to read your shared reading book each day. 



Grammar:  Identify real-life connections between words and their use - No IXL Lessons this week


IXL - Click the IXL box below. Log in using the information in your blue folder. Enter the three letter/number code in the search bar to complete the lesson. For directions on how to login to IXL, visit this "Videos to Help Students Login" page. 


IXL Lessons

Reading/Language Arts



READING EGGS                                        REFLEX MATH                                                 

Kids A to Z     

                                Accelerated Reading Test

                             Study Island


Epic Books                       Fast Forword






For directions on how to login to IXL, visit this "Videos to Help Students Login" page.

Please click on the following links to view videos. 


IXL Directions

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