Study Island Log In and Assignments

I realize Study Island is new to some of our students so I wanted to show you what I need them to do.  I sent my second graders their usernames and passwords.  Third through fifth may remember theirs.  If not, message me and I will be happy to look that up for you.  


The example pictures I am using are from a second grade account.  The other grades should look about the same.  


After a student logs in they should see a screen like this:

Sign in

Click on GA Programs.

Then you should see this screen next:


You may choose Math or ELA here.  Either will pull up screens like this where students can choose their lesson.  



Math 2


Please have students complete the Pretest!!  There are topics on the pretest that they are not supposed to know, but after they go through all of the lessons they will take a post test and we will get to see how much they have learned!!