Next, let's take a look at the program you will be using to complete your assignments.  You will be using a program called Odysseyware.  It is all online.  We will be mailing the usernames and passwords that you need to log in, but if you were to lose it or get locked out send me an email and I will get that fixed for you.  


Odysseyware Student Information

Accessing Assignments:

1. After login, click on Learn

2. Courses and Assignments will be listed

3. Click on an assignment to begin a Lesson, Quiz, Project, or Test

4. Students will only be able to attempt Quizzes and Tests 1 time so it is important that they try their best and do not hurry through these items.

** Students will have 3 attempts to pass Lessons but only 1 Attempt for Quizzes and Tests. **


Understanding Lessons in Odysseyware:

●  Each lesson will have two Tabs (Section Number and Questions)

●  Students should read ALL sections before working on Questions. After reading a Section, students should click on Read Next Section.

●  After reading all sections, students should click on the Question Tab (top right corner)

●  Students should answer all questions before turning in their work.

○  Students may have to use the Arrows or Number buttons to access all questions.

○  For matching questions, students need to enter the matching number (not the word)

●  Students may use the Tabs to go back and forth between the Lesson and the Questions.

●  Students need to attempt all question types.  For paragraphs and essay questions, students should use correct punctuation and capitalization as they answer the questions completely.  Paragraph and essay questions will be graded by the teacher.

●  Students need to Submit their work at the end of the lesson. 

○  A grade for the lesson will be shown unless a question needs to be graded by the teacher. 

○  Students may click on Keep Going to access the next lesson OR

○  Click on Assignments to find other course work.

●  Students may continue working on other assignments while they are waiting for a teacher to grade and item or question.


Using the Read Aloud Function in Odysseyware

Students may have lesson, quiz and test items read to them by following these instructions:

1. Login in to Odysseyware and click on an assignment.

2. Using the mouse, students need to Highlight an area of the screen that they would like to read aloud.

3. Click on the Speak As button on the right side of the screen (it looks like a microphone).

4. Click on a Voice to have them read the highlighted section. The selected voice should start reading.

5. Students can click on the Pause button to pause the reading.

6. Click the X to stop reading.

7. Monitoring Student Progress in Odysseyware:

1. After login, click on Learn

2. Click on Courses

3. Students can monitor the following in the list shown

a. Current Score: Overall Unit average (All assignments that have been turned in and graded).

b. Score to Date: Shows average of Current Score when zero’s for uncompleted work are added.

c. Progress: Percentage of work completed in the course.

4. Click the Course (or arrow) to see a detailed list of Units as well as the current Score and Progress

5. Click the Unit (or arrow) to see a detailed list of assignments and the current Score and Status


Other Information:

●  The Learn Tab allows students to access their assignments and monitor their own progress.

●  The Message Tab allows students to see messages sent by the teacher and to compose their own messages to the teacher.  Students can also send messages to the teacher while they are working on an assignment.

●  The Help Tab gives students more detailed information about how the Odysseyware program works.  It does not provide help on the specific subject.

●  The Sign Out Tab will sign students out of the Odysseyware program.  To ensure students receive credit for their work, they should always sign out of the Odysseyware program when finished.

●  If a student does not sign out properly their current assignment may become “Locked.”  Students will need to request an unlock from the teacher in the Odysseyware program before they can continue.

●  All Unit Tests will be “Blocked” and students may need to tell their teacher that their test is blocked so that the teacher can unblock it.


Other Resources:

Student Quick Start Guide - http://glndocs.s3.amazonaws.com/odw/TRupdates/



Student User Guide - https://www.odysseyware.com/sites/default/files/Student-User-Guide.pdf


Here is a link to the program.