Classroom Rules

 Mrs. Wright’s Classroom Rules


Listen to and follow directions.

Talk only when it is permissible.

Keep hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.

Adhere to quiet signal and active listening signal.

Follow all rituals and routines for our classroom.


When a class rule is not followed, students will move their clothespin down the chart. The following consequences will be applied. Severe offenses such as fighting or hitting will be immediately addressed accordingly.

*Warning (verbal)

1 move- Time out of 5 minutes of recess

2 moves- Lose 10 minutes of recess

3 moves-No recess and a Note in the agenda or a phone call home


Students that have not moved their clothespin at the end of the week will be able to eat with the teacher in the room as a reward at the discretion of the teacher. Students are also have a chance to earn "Camper Bucks" and receive special prizes with those as they accumulate them. Please discuss the rules with your student and then sign below.