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  • Week 17 (Jan. 11-15)

    Fine Motor & sensory -Make a Tactile Polar Bear using a paper plate and cotton balls! 



  • Week 16 (Jan. 4-8)

    It's SNOWgreat to be in OT! 


    Fine Motor- Fill a snowman. Get an empty water bottle and some cotton balls. Push the cotton balls into the water bottle to improve fine motor skills. 





    Handwriting & Sensory-Make a shaving cream "snow" tray and practice writing letters! You could also practice making shapes and lines. 




  • Week 15 (Dec. 14-18)

    Christmas is ALMOST HERE! Use this PDF to complete fun, OT/fine motor Christmas activities. These are so fun....your kiddo won't even realize they are working on so many important skills. 






    to find specifics/directions on each activity. 

  • Week 14 (Dec. 7- Dec.11)

    Reindeer Week! 


    Fine Motor- Put the antlers on the reindeer. You can place small twings in putty or clip clothespins onto print outs. Here is an example: 

    reindeer antlers

    Handwriting- Name your reindeer! You can write their name or create a story about Santa's new reindeer. 

    Sensory- Reindeer loves SNOW! Here is a website that teaches you how to make fake snow for a sensory bin: 




  • Week 13 (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)

    Fine Motor- Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments! 

    Pom Pom

    Handwriting- Work on handwriting with the Christmas Word Printables! 

    Sensory- Have fun in the water with a water ornament scoop! This also works on utensil use :) 


    Visual Skills- Christmas I spy 

  • Week 12 (Nov. 16-20)

    November is a month for....TURKEY! 


    Fine Motor- Check out this DIY turkey 


    Handwriting- Write about your thanksgiving plate! Is there usually turkey?? Use this Turkey Plate worksheet! 


    Or try the turkey tracing activity 


    Visual Skills- Can you make it through the Turkey Feather Maze??


    Sensory- Try a Turkey Feather Sensory Bin! 


  • Week 11 (Nov 9-13)

    November is a month for PIES 

    Fine Motor- Make a pie with play doh! Roll it out using a pin or your hands, place small beads (berries) into it, cut it into pieces! 


    Handwriting-Create your favorite pie! Write thee recipe. 


    Sensory Processing- Make a MUD PIE! Making mud pies is a childhood tradition! Get some dirt, water, and get to baking:) This is great tactile activity. 

  • Week 10 (Nov 2-6)

    November is a month of....FOOD 


    Fine Motor- Play kitchen and haves your kiddo use tongs to place small items (pom pom balls, cotton balls) into muffin tins, bowls, plates, etc. 


    Handwriting-Create a menu of what you would serve at the student's restaurant


    Visual Skills- Food I spy! 





    Let’s do some weather themed fine motor activities to go along with our hurricane distance learning day! 

    Here’s some fun activities that address many different skills! 


    Make and umbrella: https://www.pre-kpages.com/raindrop-plop-make-an-umbrella/ 


    Make a rain stick: https://mamapapabubba.com/2012/09/19/homemade-rain-sticks/ 


    Puddle Jumping: https://funlearningforkids.com/puddle-jumping-alphabet-activity/ *have your kiddo write or trace each letter on the puddles to work on handwriting! 

  • Week 9 (October 26-30)

    Fine Motor-Here is a fun ghost craft to work on scissor skills and hand strengthening! Click here. 

    Handwriting- Click here for some spooky sentence starters! Have a competition on who can write the scariest sentence or story. 

    Sensory- Check out this cute ghostly sensory bin! 

  • Week 8 (October 19-23)

    Fine Motor- Here are a variety of fine motor pumpkins! My personal favorite is the playdoh pumpkins! 

    Handwriting- Check out the various Pumpkin Writing prompts in the files folder! 

    Visual Skills- Pumpkin I-Spy 

    Sensory- Carve a Pumpkin!!! Cleaning out the "insides" is an awesome tactile sensory experience. 

  • Week 7 (October 12-16)

    Hocus Pocus...it's time to FOCUS on fine motor :) 


    Fine Motor: Make a Witches Broom

    Handwriting: Create a spooky Witches Brew

    Visual Skills: Witchy I spy 

    Sensory: Check out this SPOOKY movement video 

  • Week 6 (October 5-9)

     Let's start the SPOOKY season by having some fun with our favorite 8 legged friends...SPIDERS. 


    Fine Motor: Create a Sticker Spider Web OR Stack Some Spiders using plahdoh, straws, and spider rings! 

    Handwriting: Have your kiddo write a sentence about why they do or do not like spiders. 

    Visual Skills: Use visual skills to finish the pattern on the Spider Pattern worksheet! 

    Sensory Processing: This is a really spooky sensory bin....Cook some spaghetti noodles and hide spiders inside!! Check it out here. 

  • Week 5 (September 22-25)

    Let's make some scarecrows to celebrate the first week of fall! 

    Fine Motor: Torn Paper Scarecrow Craft

    Handwriting: Have your kiddo use notebook paper to answer these questions about their Scarecrow! 

    1. My Scarecrow is named.....

    2. My Scarecrow likes to.....

    3. My Scarecrow can.....

    4. My Scarecrow wishes......

    Visual Skills: Smiling Scarecrows Visual Discrimination 

    Sensory Processing: Create a Scarecrow sensory bin or stuff doll clothes with straw to make a scarecrow. You can also print out or draw a scarecrow face and use different materials (pom poms, wiki sticks, cotton balls, pipe cleaners) to make his beard and hair to have a fun tactile experience! 


  • Week (4) of September 14-18

    Let's HOP into Fall because fall is TOAD-ally cool. 


    Fine Motor: Feed the Frog! 

    Sensory: Frank the Frog Movement/Brain Break 

    Visual Skills: Find the Frog...

    Handwriting: Frogs Life Cycle Writing Prompt 

  • Week (3) of September 8-11

    Let's get ready for fall! 


    Fine Motor: Fall Cutting and/or Tracing Activity 

    Handwriting: Fall Writing Prompts

    Sensory Processing: Fall Yoga Poses Or a Corn Fall Sensory Bin 

    Visual Skills: Fall Spot the Difference. 

  • Week (2) of September 1-4....

    It's the second week of school! Welcome Back to OT!


    Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Back to School Dot-to-Dot. Use markers, crayons, stickers, or Q-tips dipped in paint to fill in the dots. 

    Visual Activity of the Week: Back to School Maze

    Sensory Activity of the Week: Animal walks to get your brain ready for going back to school! 

    Handwriting Activity of the Week: Tell me a little about yourself with the All About me Banner OR practice Writing your name and putting it together with the School Bus Name Activity! 

  • Week (1) of August 25-28 ...ICE CREAM WEEK....

    Here's the Scoop....OT is the COOLEST 



    Fine Motor Activity of the Week: Ice Cream Tracing and Cutting 

    Sensory Processing Activity of the Week: Ice Cream Sensory Bin

    Visual Skills Activity of the Week: Ice Cream I-Spy

    Handwriting Activity of the Week: Ice Cream Writing; Design your own Ice Cream! 

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