AR Incentives

To access AR follow the link: Accelerated Reader

Quizzes can only be taken at school.


Current AR Contest Days: 













Every Day Prizes:

5 Points: Bubble Gum

10 Points: Treasure Box

25 Points: Stamp or Flashlight or Ring

50 Points: Lunch in the Library with 2 friends

75 Points: Student's choice of PEZ candy and dispenser

100 Points: Picture on Wall of Fame and Treat Bag

125 Points: Student's choice of Crazy Hat

150 Points: Free Time in the Library with a friend (1 hour)

175 Points: Coke and Candy Bar

200 Points: Bouquet of Balloons delivered to the classroom




Lexile Reminders: 

In addition to AR goals, we are tracking Lexile levels. Below is a list of scores needed for mastery in 2-5th grade. You are welcome to visit our Lexile bulletin board and track how close you are to meeting your goal. Each student that meets their grade level goal will have pizza in the library on specific dates! GO forth and READ! 


2nd Grade GOAL 550L


3rd Grade GOAL 660L 


4th Grade GOAL 850L 


5th Grade GOAL 950L 




Reward Pictures