May 11-14, 2021  

Below you will find the reading/language arts activities we will do in class this week.






Phonics: Phonics Review

Sight Words: say, round, under, stop, white, think, want, thank, well, walk 


captain: the head or leader of a group

formed: to make or create

mast: a tall vertical pole that supports the sails of a ship

carved: made something, such as a sculpture, by carefully cutting and shaping a material

sailboats: small watercraft that have one or more sails and are moved by the wind

model: a usually smaller version of an object made to look like the real thing 

Shared Reading:

Sailing the Windy Waves (May 11-21)

Log in to Kids A-Z using the app and click “My Assignment” to read your shared reading book each day. 


Grammar: Synonyms and Antonyms - Watch the video(s) below and complete the IXL Lesson(s). 

IXL - Click the IXL box below. Log in using the information in your blue folder. Enter the three letter/number code in the search bar to complete the lesson. For directions on how to login to IXL, visit this "Videos to Help Students Login" page. 


IXL Lessons


Choose the synonym (8NP)

Choose the antonyms (9TV)