• Polk School District

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Polk School District is to provide a quality education in order to prepare each student for the next stage in his or her life.

    Polk School District Board of Education Members


    Board Meeting Agendas and Policies can be accessed at eBoard. eBoard is the electronic connection to the Polk School District. You can view meeting agendas from current or past meetings, retrieve copies of supporting documents, and view recommendations. Polk School District Policy Manual can also be accessed through eBoard.


    Budgetary Committee

    Britt Madden (Chair), Bernard Morgan, Tommy Sanders


    Facilities and Transportation Committee

    Chris Culver (Chair), James Foster, Tommy Sanders


    Policy Committee

    James Foster (Chair), Kristy Gober, Vicki Mayes


    Personnel Committee

    Kristy Gober (Chair), Chris Culver, Vicki Mayes