8th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies

Phone: 770-749-8850


Degrees and Certifications:

I graduated in the Spring of 2008 from the State University of West Georgia with a Bachelors of Science in Education degree in the area of Speech- Language Pathology. I gained my Special Education certifications in the ares of Special Education Adapted Curriculum, General Curriculum Special Education, Special Education Social Skills, Special Education Science, Special Education Math, Special Education Language Arts, and Special Education Reading.

Ms. Kelly Camp

Hello and welcome to my online classroom! My name is Kelly Camp and I have been teaching in Polk School District for 12 years. In addition to teaching for Polk School District, I also attended school in Polk County. This school year, I am teaching 6th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade Social Studies, and 8th Grade Language Arts.

My students bring a lot of joy into my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach and learn from them! In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, playing the piano, searching for antiques, and spending time with my family.  

My Educational Philosophy: I believe that every student has the potential to bring something unique and special to the classroom, our community, and world. As an educator, I feel that it is important to help my students see their full potential by encouraging them to believe in themselves and discover who they are and what they are capable of in every aspect of their lives.  I find purpose in finding effective ways to help students gain the necessary tools to guide them through their academic classes and daily lives. Education is the most important tool a person can receive. As an educator, it is important for me to help encourage and motivate my students to become successful, knowledgeable, independent, decision makers who can apply what they learn throughout their years of schooling and build an incredible future!


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