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Degrees and Certifications:

As a graduate of Cedartown High School

Mrs. Jill Dempsey

 I feel it is a priviledge to be back home.  I have spent the past 13 years teaching at CHS in the math department.  My previous teaching experience consist of teaching five years at Rockmart High School and six years at Southwest Dekalb High School.  This year I am teaching GSE Geometry.  I love helping my students.  I look foward to a GREAT YEAR!

My philosophy of teaching is to have a deep love and concern for the children of our community.  I feel the need to provide an environment to learn and excel.  I think that I have the responsibility to constantly improve my ability to reach all of my students at CHS.

I believe that every child has the ability to learn and excel.  By constantly encouraging all students to believe in themselves, and showing them that I will not give up on them.  I will try to instill the faith that they can succeed.  

I believe that I need to be the leader of my classroom.  I ensure that all students feel safe and free to express themselves.  I believe that the classroom should provide each student with the opportunity to voice opinioins, help others, be creative, think, practice, and have fun at the same time.  All students need to be provided a variety of activities in order to reach all types of learning styles so that each student will have an understanding of the lesson.  All classroom activities need to be interesting so that students will be motivated to do their best. 

I believe that the more dedicated I am to my students and my lessons, the more students that I will be able to reach.  

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