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Mr. Bob Staples

Welcome to my webpage.  I am starting my fourth year at RHS.  My focus is working to develop the math program.  You can learn more about my backround by viewing my profile and benefits to the math classroom.

My mission is student success.  This means students develop meaningful math knowledge.  This results in students gaining clear readiness for the real world of work, Tech School work or College level work.

About the Virus.  I will be following general school policy.  I will be careful in my classroom but I will make teaching and learning a priority.

What I believe.  I believe the youth is the future of our nation.  We have many challenges and opportunities.  It takes parents, students and teachers doing the hard work to make the needed progress.  I plan to do my very best in my role.

This year is a great opportunity.  Yes, we have challenges with the Covid-19 but my class will operate on cautious optimism we will return to normal in due time.


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