• Media Center Hours:
    The media center is open before, during, and after school for your needs.

    Mission Statement:
    Our mission is to provide an open and encouraging environment that promotes literacy, extends learning, and promotes collaborative exploration that allows students to become lifelong learners.

    Provide a variety of resources, tools, and support for both students and faculty. Develop procedures that are welcoming, flexible, and resourceful to everyone at Van Wert. Collaborate with administration, teachers, and students by utilizing a variety of teaching and learning strategies to promote literacy.

    Procedures & Routines:
    The media center is the place for you to access a multitude of resources including books, multimedia, videos, school supplies, project needs, and online programs. These resources are free for all students, staff, and faculty at Van Wert. Please remember to follow VWES rules, routines, policies, and procedures.

    1. BE Kind to Yourself
    2. BE Kind to Others
    3. BE Kind to Books

    When checking IN/OUT:
    1. You must return your library book(s) before you can check out another book. Pre-K & K (1 book) 1st-5th (2 books)
    2. When coming into the library, return your book first.
    3. Grab a shelf marker when searching for books.
    4. Remember to use inside voices in the library.
    5. Use the I-Pick method when looking for the "just right" book to read.

    1. Stop at Pete the Cat and wait for Mrs. Sisneros.
    2. Walk to the storytime area.
    3. Sit criss-cross and remember to do active listening.
    5. Use your active listening skills while answering and asking questions during storytime.
    6. Mrs. Sisneros will pass out library cards.
    7. You will search for a book at your independent reading level.

     Research Time:
    1. Follow Directions
    2. Collaborate Together 
    3. Help Each Other
    4. Ask for Help
    5. Use T.U.R.N. when looking for website sources.


    Get Ready to...
    work together
    laugh often
    use kind words
    help each other
    fall in love with reading
    say "I'm sorry!"
    smile often
    And Always Dream BIG!