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Cultivate Kindness

  • The Power of Kindness: Through the Eyes of Children

    by Maria Dismondy Year Published: 2021

    A kind word can change someone's day. This book shows children that they have the power to shape their interactions with others. It teaches them how to recognize when someone needs support and kindness. 

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  • Macca the Alpaca

    by Matt Cosgrove Year Published: 2020

    Macca the alpaca is a carefree animal. He loves splashing in puddles and giving hugs. Until one day, he bumps into a big bully. Can he show his bully the value of kindness? You will need to read to find out. 


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  • Pete the Cat's Groovy Guide to Kindness

    by James Dean and Kimberly Dean Year Published: 2020

    Everyone thinks kindness is cool! Pete the Cat most definitely loves to be kind. This book is full of famous quotes that teach sharing, compassion, and kindness. 

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  • Kind

    by Allison Green Year Published: 2019

    This book showcases many ways children can be kind to one another. Plus, the book has wonderful illustrations.


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Building Bridges - Books

  • After the Rain

    by Rebecca Koehn Year Published: 2020
    When a stream of rainwater carries Levi's boat to where Polly is playing, she starts a puddle fight, but as the water begins to disappear, they must work together to prolong their fun.
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  • Little Taco Truck

    by Tanya Valentine Year Published: 2019

    Little Taco Truck loves serving his tasty treats. When other trucks show up to serve his customers, Little Taco Truck finds no space left for him. Will he give up? Maybe there is room enough for everyone. 


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  • Teamwork Isn't My Thing, and I Don't like to Share!

    by Julia Cook Year Published: 2012
    RJ's teacher wants him to work with classmates he doesn't like. Then, it all gets worse when he is forced to share the only biscuit left with his sister! Does RJ learn to work with others outside of the football field? Read the book to find out.
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  • The Fort

    by Laura Perdew Year Published: 2020

    This spirited and imaginative battle over a fort is a thrilling one. The two characters find a fort. When they realize they are both using the same fort, things get difficult. The book is a great read for showcasing teamwork and getting along with one another.

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  • The Golden Acorn

    by Katy Hudson Year Published: 2019

    Squirrel is fast and competitive. Naturally, he loves races and competitions. For this year's race, she has to work with a team to compete. Will she be able to work with her team and win? Does Squirrel learn to be a team player? Read the book to find out. 

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  • Three Blind Mice Team Up with the Three Little Pigs

    by Paul Harrison Year Published: 2016

    The Big Bad Wolf continuously tries to eat the three little pigs. Meanwhile, the farmer’s wife keeps chasing the three blind mice. Will they work together? Maybe they can help solve each other's problems. 

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  • Unstoppable

    by Adam Rex Year Published: 2020

    The characters in this book work together to create an unstoppable force. Each animal uses its special traits to help stop humans from destroying their forest. 

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  • When Pencil Met Eraser

    by Karen Kilpatrick Year Published: 2019

    This book tells the story of how Pencil and Eraser met and became friends. Their relationship starts off shaky until they discover their artwork is better when they work together. 


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Sharing Similarities Celebrating Differences - Books

  • Change Sings: A Children's Anthem

    by Amanda Gorman Year Published: 2021

    Is anything possible when we work together? The young girl in this story showcases the power that can come from working together. The musical journey the characters take is one worth reading or singing about. 

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  • Giraffes Can't Dance

    by Giles Andreae Year Published: 2001

    Who doesn't love to dance? Gerald the giraffe longs to dance. He has always wanted to dance, but with his long legs, he doesn't think he can. With a little help from a cricket, Gerald learns to sway to his own tune! 

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  • I Am Enough

    by Grace Byers Year Published: 2018

    No one is the same! Everyone looks and acts differently. This book showcases loving who you are, respecting others, and being kind to one another.

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  • Same, Same, but Different

    by Jenny Sue Kostecki-Shaw Year Published: 2011

    Although pen pals don't often see each other, they learn a lot about one another. Elliot and Kailash learn they are the same but different. Most of all, they learn they are friends despite the distance and their differences. 

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  • Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

    by Patty Lovell Year Published: 2001

    Being different should never slow anyone down. Molly Lou Melon is wonderful and different! She is a great example of showcasing how our differences make us who we are. 

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