•  Dr. Karen Mapp says years of research shows that effective parent engagement improves children's attendance, motivation, and academic success.
    Dr. Mapp shares three tips for educators on how they can strengthen family-school partnerships.
    Dr. Mapp discusses the “3 prerequisites” for successful family-school partnership. These “3 prerequisites” provide the foundation necessary for effective family and community engagement and are the building blocks for educators, school leaders and policy-makers to use as they move forward in creating their own culture of family engagement.
    Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial in helping students learn. But, for busy teachers it can be challenging just to keep up. Can apps and other digital tools make it easier to keep everyone -- parents and students -- in the loop? Transparency and equity are key to managing any communication between home and school. Watch here to find a variety of tools and useful tips to help you better engage your parent audience.