• To apply to become a substitute teacher for Polk School District, please contact Kelly Educational Staffing by email at 214x@kellyservices.com or call 706-438-2842.


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    What do the terms “classified” and “certified” mean?
    A "certified" position requires a certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Certified employees are teachers, counselors, speech pathologists, principals, etc. All other positions are classified: clerical staff, custodians, bookkeepers, bus drivers, food service employees, etc.

    GUESTS  - PLEASE READ - Please do NOT submit yourself as an Internal  applicant when applying to positions. This is due to Internal applications showing very minimal information to the hiring administrators who are reviewing them. External applications provide administrators with full details regarding your experience and qualification. If you have submitted your application as Internal - please go  back into your application and change it to External. This will allow you to complete  more details in your application and provide you with a better chance of being hired. Thank you.