Phone: 678-861-6729


Degrees and Certifications:

I graduated from Shorter College with an MBA.

Mr. Michael Lester

Hello, my name is Mike Lester,

 I have 28 years of automotive repair experience.  I owned and operated my own shop for twenty three years.  I also have been trained as certified GM Tech.  I have been married for 33 years and have 1 wonderful teenage son. I teach Automotive Repair at the Cedartown Campus. 

As an automobile repair teacher I want to encourage all students to take at minimum,  the basic course. Almost all students at one time or another will own  a vehicle in their lifetime.  Owing a vehicle brings own responsibility.  With the knowledge gained in Basic Maintenance and Light Repair students understand the basic maintenance needs and some repairs associated with vehicles.  This class will help students understand how a vehicle operate and what needs to be done to keep the vehicle operational.  This will help throughout a students life.  

Some students may show interest in repairing automobiles for a career.  I offer advanced classes fro these and other students. The advanced classes are almost exclusively hands on.  We spend time learning diagnostics and repair procedures, proper use of tools and equipment, and business aspects of the automobile industry.  Students have the opportunity to become ASE certified through these courses.  

I have a great relationship with most of the automobile repair shops in this area.  in addition, I continue to improve my relationships with many technical schools. My goal is for students to benefit from the information taught in these classes for their lifetime.


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