• Mission statement

    Our mission is to maximize the efficient use of technology as a learning tool by providing training and support in the effective use of technology.


    Instructional Technology Purpose

    The Polk County School District is dedicated to providing students with technological devices and instruction that will prepare them to be productive citizens in a global society. Teachers will use technology as a tool, rather than the focus, to enhance instruction, increase student engagement, and streamline the learning process for all students. Polk School District will also promote and support Digital Citizenship as a means to keep students safe online and provide training on the importance of becoming a good digital citizen.

  • Jeff Thompson

    Jeff Thompson

    Director of Technology Infrastructure


    770-748-3821  (Office)



    Nathan Medley

    Director of Instructional Technology


    770-748-3821  (Office)

    Brooke Hicks

    Brooke Hicks

    Student Information Systems Specialist


    770-748-3821  (Office)