• Professional learning is the continuation of the learning cycle.  By attending research-based workshops, conferences, and college classes, a teacher or administrator can earn credit toward renewing their certificate.  In the past, employees had to accumulate 10 Professional Learning Units (PLUs) during a five year period in order to renew the certificate.  The Professional Standards Commission has provided flexibility over the past few year, not requiring the 10 PLUs for certificate renewal.  Now, certificate renewal and professional learning goals are tied in with the Teacher Keys Evaluation System (TKES).  However, professional learning classes are offered through Polk School District, Northwest Georgia RESA, college classes, and state/national conferences.

    There are times when teachers and administrators need to participate in a non-district professional learning event.  In order to provide proper funding and track the approval process, employees need to follow the directions listed below.

    When registering for a RESA course, state/national converence, or workshop, an employee must follow the appropriate procedures:

    1. Complete the PLU form.
    2. Once approval have been received, register for the appropriate class.
    3. Make sure the individual in charge of obtaining substitutes is aware of the day(s) and time(s) of the training/absence.
    4. If an employee attends a conference other than the above listed agencies, please take a PSD Course Completion Record for Conference Credit.  This will ensure credit will be awarded for participation.

    Employees need to call seven to ten days in advance to cancel registration of a class, conference, or workshop.  Failure to cancel or not attending a class, conference, or workshop could result in repayment for the activity.

May 2023

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