• Early Intervention Program (EIP)

    The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is an intervention program designed to assist students who are at risk of not reaching or maintaining academic grade level.  The purpose of the Early Intervention Program is to provide additional instructional support to help students obtain the necessary skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time.

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    Response to Intervention (RTI)

    RTI is not a program or a department.  RTI is a process to assist students exhibiting difficulties or weaknesses in the classroom with research-based interventions.  RTI stands for "Response to Intervention."  The interventions provided in Polk School District's RTI process begin in the classroom.  All students in Kindergarten through Tenth grades are administered a universal screener three times a year (fall, winter, and spring).  Results from the screener, state-mandated tests scores, and classroom performance are reviewed by teachers and school-level RTI teams to determine which students need more help than strategies used in the typical classroom.  

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    LeAnne Shelton

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