Edgenuity is our system’s web based program that allows students to earn or recover course credit in a subject. Edgenuity is an improved system that has replaced the programs GradPoint and NovaNet that the system has used in prior years. Unlike the previous programs, students with home internet access can work on parts of the program outside of the school day.

Students who have failed a major course can re-take the course in Edgenuity. Students are monitored by certified teachers at school in a computer lab atmosphere during a specified school period. Students can complete all background work at home but must take tests and other assessments at school. A system like this helps to keep students on-track for graduation and improves the overall graduation rate.

Students who are in alternative school settings in middle and high school complete their academic work in Edgenuity. This allows students to stay on level in instruction while also minimizes instructional personnel needed to supervise the alternative setting.

Edgenuity is also being used to remediate students who have fallen behind in their current classes. When a student really struggles in class and is not mastering standards, a teacher may choose to assign students to complete deficient areas in the coursework in the Edgenuity program. In the high school setting, this type of program is called “directed studies.” Students complete units in the program to promote mastery. This is accomplished by allowing students to complete this work during an elective course. The goal of directed studies is early intervention to prevent failure of a course.

The following news link from Louisiana shows the impact that Edgenuity can have on students and student achievement.


Parents can monitor their child’s Edgenuity progress using the family portal. Directions to use the portal are shown below.