Classworks instructional improvement system integrates instruction aligned to Georgia state standards and the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards, valid assessment, data management, and goal oriented professional learning. Classworks is grounded in scientifically based research and has a proven record of positive results, which allows schools using Classworks to be confident that the instructional strategies are sound and that the program will contribute to improved student academic achievement.

Classworks offers 10,000+ activities and 6000+ hours of interactive, standards-based, managed instruction including both skill-level instruction and project-based extension activities. It also includes comprehensive assessment tools to help educators evaluate students’ current concept mastery and measure their progress throughout the year. Utilizing the data from assessments, Classworks automatically creates individualized learning paths that tailor the instruction to match what each student needs. Classworks’ project-based extension activities are robust and relevant to the real world, offering diverse opportunities for students to develop 21st century skills such as collaboration.

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