Nomination and Election Procedures


    The principal notifies all parents of children in the school that they are eligible to be nominated or that they may nominate other parents for the number of parent seats open on the School Council.
  • Nominations must be opened no less than two weeks prior to election date and will close the day preceding elections.
  • The notification shall be determined through the following actions by principal:
  • Compose a letter/flyer announcing the upcoming election to parents that defines the purpose of the School Council and includes an invitation for submittal of nominations for the number of parent positions open.
  • Place an announcement of election date, place, and times in the local newspaper and the PTA/PTO newsletter, if timing is appropriate.
  • Post the announcement on school bulletin board, marquee, and school web page.
  • Request that a paragraph be written (no more than 100 words) including biographical information, reason why nominee would make a good parent representative, and attach a picture of nominee (the paragraph and picture are optional).
  • Nominations are to be returned to principal who daily verifies that nominees will serve if elected.
  • The principal shall develop a list of nominees and post daily on school bulletin boards and other conspicuous areas where announcements are normally posted.
  • The election polling location in the school will need to be identified and the time for voting between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM
  • The names of the nominees will be posted at the polling site and on the ballot.
  • Prepare a list of students with parent’s names.
  • When parents arrive to vote, check off their name and provide them with a numbered ballot (only one ballot per parent).
  • No write-in votes will be allowed.
  • Direct parents to the voting booth. After voting, ballots are placed in the ballot box.
  • Following the closing of the polls at 7:00 PM, have three persons (not administrators) previously identified to count votes and determine the winners by those receiving the most votes.
  • Verify the election results and provide a written report signed by those having counted the votes to the principal.
  • Announce the results of election to all parents the next day by notice to be taken home by students, posted on bulletin boards, marquee, e-mail, website, and the like.
  • Any nominee requesting a recount shall cause the count to be taken again.


  • For the purpose of this document teachers shall be defined as all certificated personnel who serve four of six segments per day in the school, excluding administrators; hereafter certificated personnel will be referred to as teachers.

  • Teachers are eligible to be elected to the School Council; the number being specified in the bylaws.

  • The lead time for teacher nominations, election date, and posting the names of nominees are the same as stated previously. The principal verifies that nominees will serve, if elected.

  • The election of teacher nominees is to be held during the school day. Each teacher shall receive and sign for a numbered ballot with nominees’ names.

  • After voting, the ballot is placed in the ballot box. The ballot box should be monitored by two persons appointed by the principal. The votes will be tallied at the close of the school day by a committee comprised of one teacher from each grade or from three departments who are not nominees.

  • The teacher(s) with the most votes will be declared the member(s) on the School Council.


Community Business Persons and Other Members

  • Community business persons and other members may be identified to serve on the School Council, providing the bylaws allow for such members and parents maintain a majority.

  • The principal will determine a list of community businesses and other members after receiving recommendations from the faculty. The Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, 100 Black Men, school organizations, and the like may be contacted for business persons to serve.

  • The principal will ask these business persons and other members if they would agree to serve, if selected.

  • The principal, teachers, and parents on the School Council will convene to select business persons and other members from the list of recommendations.

  • The principal shall notify those selected to serve.