• For the purpose of this document, the term parent is inclusive of legal guardians.
  • Election month is determined in the bylaws; the date is determined by school principal.
  • Each school should identify procedures to elect a number of parent members to the School Council so that such parents or guardians make up a majority, at least two of whom shall be business persons.
  • Every parent of students enrolled in school is eligible for membership on the School Council except for employees whose students attend the school where they are employed.
  • School Council members must be eighteen years of age or older, with the exception of student reps.
  • The parents, teachers, and business persons elected or selected shall serve on the council for a period of time pursuant to adopted bylaws.
  • Parents of student sin the highest grade in the school can serve on the School Council but shall vacate the position when their child enters middle or high school.  These parents will be available for election at the new school assuming a vacancy exists.
  • Parents of students in the highest grade of a feeder school should be advised that they can be nominate to serve on the School Council in the new school and can vote in the election.
  • Parents who are elected shall no longer be eligible to serve if their child leaves the school.