Volunteer Guidelines

Last Updated: 8/30/2018 11:16 PM

Eastside welcomes volunteers, however, we do have guidelines

that must be followed in order to

protect our students and their instructional time.


Please take the time to review our guidelines and

let us know when you are ready to volunteer!


Eastside Elementary School Volunteer Guidelines/Expectations


We appreciate very much your willingness to help out at school in so many ways throughout the year. Your participation enriches the children’s experience and is a great help to the teachers and staff. We are fortunate that Polk School District allows and encourages parental involvement and support. In order to continue this privilege we have several requests that help to ensure the safety of our children and the integrity of their instructional time.


Eastside Elementary expects all staff members and volunteers to maintain the highest professional, moral and ethical standards in their conduct with students and adults. Volunteers should understand their role and responsibility in the overall operation of the school. The following guidelines have been implemented so that our volunteers can effectively provide their services to our school:


1. Please enter and exit the building ONLY through the front office.


2. Always remember to sign in and wear a Visitor badge whenever you are in the building.


3. Volunteers must have a background check that is completed through PSD for the current school year. (Forms can be picked up in the office.) If you are going to be going into classrooms to work one on one with students you must also have your fingerprints taken and checked through PSD. Volunteers must have a previously approved volunteer assignment before arriving to volunteer. Teachers will receive approval from administration before scheduling a time with the volunteer. Volunteers should come to the classrooms or designated areas at only pre-determined times.


4. Please resist the temptation to pay spontaneous visits to your child. Even after a very short disruption, it is a challenge to refocus students’ attention.


5. For the safety of students and the security of our school, parent volunteers should refrain from circulating throughout the buildings. Please keep volunteering your first priority and maintain your presence in a pre-designated area.


6. School computers in classrooms and libraries are for school personnel and student use only.


7. All volunteering must be completed by 2:30. This will allow time for parents to exit the building prior to dismissal. ALL parent volunteers are expected to exit through the office by 2:30, unless you have approval from administration. Afternoon dismissal is a busy time and safety is our number one priority. Please refrain from visiting in your child’s classroom, halls, or office during this time waiting for school dismissal.


8. Volunteers are not allowed to grade any student work.


9. Volunteers should not be on duty for a teacher.


10. Please arrange other care for younger siblings.


11. Parent volunteers cannot be in the classroom with the students by themselves. Volunteers are to work in the classroom in the presence of the teacher.


12. If you are volunteering and wish to eat lunch with your child, you are encouraged to do so. Please follow PSD’s food services policies prohibiting food from restaurants. You may eat lunch with your child at a designated table in the lunchroom. Students and parents may not eat lunch in the pod areas or classrooms. There are picnic tables available out front on weather permitting days. Refrain from inviting other students/friends to join you and your child, it isn’t fair to other students.


13. Parent volunteers who wish to speak with a teacher or the administrators may phone the school to arrange an appointment. Neither the teachers nor principals are expected to meet with parents without an appointment unless it is urgent. Please respect the importance of instructional time.


14. Dress in school appropriate attire and uphold the standards of Polk School District. As an adult you are a role model for our students.


15. Maintain confidentiality in regards to students and staff. Share concerns regarding a child or staff member with the teacher and or principal only. Never discuss a child’s behavior, academic performance, or other student/teacher information outside the classroom or school.


Please understand that education and safety are Eastside’s first priority. After reading over the guidelines, if you have any questions or concern about anything that may not be clear, please speak to an administrator or our Parent Involvement Specialist.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for the 2016-2017 school year, please sign this form and return it to school. A copy will be kept on file with our Parent Involvement Specialist and a copy will be returned to you. Forms must be signed and returned to school prior to volunteering.


If you would like to be involved in other ways, we would like to encourage you to seek involvement with our PTO and the opportunities that will be provided throughout the year by our Parental Involvement Specialist.

We are looking forward to a great partnership and staying focused on learning and achievement in a safe and friendly environment.


Thank you,

Eastside Elementary School



I understand and am committed to the guidelines listed above.