CMS' Anti-Bullying Program

CMS' Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying can be physical, verbal, relational, or cyberbullying. Bullying can happen to anyone. Bullying is defined as:

•Exposure repeatedly and over time tonegative actions on behalf of others.

•Behavior that is directed or perceived to be directed toward a victim who is physically or mentally weaker than the   bully.

•Behavior that involves an imbalance of power or strength. (Olweus, 2013)

There are four types of Bullying:

Physical bullying – Hitting, spitting, beating, shoving, punching, pinching, hair pulling, damaging property, etc.

Verbal bullying -- Name-calling, laughing at, ridiculing, racial slurs, mocking another student’s culture, and persistent teasing.

Relational  bullying– The deliberate exclusion of a child from a group, spreading rumors, and trying to ruin the reputation of another student.

Cyber bullying -- Using the Internet or other digital devices to send or post negative messages, images, or video clips about others.

no bullying Click the picture to report incidences of bullying.