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Jill W. Googe

3rd & 4th Grade EIP Teacher

Red hall Room #401

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What is EIP?
Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a support program that serves students who are not reaching or maintaining grade level standards in the area(s) of Math or Reading. EIP provides additional resources to aid students in obtaining the necessary academic skills in order to reach grade level performance in the shortest time possible.


EIP is NOT... Special Education.

EIP services do NOT carry over from year to year. Unlike Special Education or Horizons, students are not automatically in the program each year.

EIP is NOT a permanent class. Students will exit the program as academic success is reached.

EIP does NOT take the place of regular classroom instruction. It is offered in addition to regular classroom Reading and/or Math instruction.

EIP teachers do NOT give grades to students. Students remain in classes for content classes and exit for additional support after classroom instruction is provided.



My name is Jill Googe. I am married to Mike Googe, and I have two sons. Carson is 21 and Hayden is 18. I am originally from Cedartown and have been teaching for the Polk School system for 24 years with experience teaching Kindergarten, first grade, second grade and forth grade. I worked at Cherokee Elementary for 20 years and began working at Youngs Grove Elementary in 2010 when the school opened. I attended University of West Georgia and have a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

I am the EIP teacher for first and second grade. EIP is one of Georgia’s educational initiatives to improve student learning. The primary goal of this program is to offer immediate and direct assistance to help students achieve academic success at their grade level.  If you would like to learn more about the EIP program please contact me or use the link below to read more about the program from the Georgia Deparment of Education's webpage







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