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Collier's Cause

Team CMS joins the county to help raise awareness with a spirit day for "Collier's Cause" an upcoming benefit concert for Collier Gray. Collier's dad, Chandler, teaches Social Studies at CMS.

CMS Student Incentives

Cedartown Middle School Attendance Incentives 2015-2016

Students with passing grades and no more than 5 excused absences (no unexcused) for the year will be exempt from completing final exams (worth 10%) on two days during the last week of school. These students will be assigned work from online classrooms instead in order to receive credit for these days. Students with perfect attendance will not be penalized for missing exam days if the online work submissions are completed.
- Students with more than 5 unexcused absences for the entire year will be required to complete makeup days during post-planning week before being promoted to the next grade, if eligible.

Cedartown Middle School State Testing Recognition Incentives
 Students passing the state test will receive an excused absence from school on the last day prior to Christmas Break the following school year. Instead they will complete an online classroom assignment and will not be counted as absent.

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CMS now has a *NEW* page on Facebook! 

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PSD Teachers Attend Mobile Minds University



CMS Changing the Game 2015-2016

We're changing the game

for teaching and learning at

CMS with our learner-based


Apple Distinguished Program--Congratulations Polk School District!

Polk School District named Apple Distinguished Program Press Release

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