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Book Study: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Standards for for this week:


ELACC4RL1: Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

ELACC4RL2: Determine a theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text; summarize the text

ELACC4RL3: Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions).



Essential Questions:


How can I dig deeper into a text by using key ideas and details?





Writing Review: Persuasive/Opinion Writing--Candy for Willie Wonka


Standards for the week: 

ELACC4W1: Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons.

a. Introduce a topic or text clearly, state an opinion, and create an organizational structure in which related ideas are grouped to support the writer’s purpose.

b. Provide reasons that are supported by facts and details.

c. Link opinion and reasons using words and phrases (e.g., for instance, in order to, in addition).

d. Provide a concluding statement or section related to the opinion presented.


Essential Question:


How do I persuade using a supportive point of view and reasons?









Mini Lessons: 

Greek and Latin Roots


It's all Greek to Me! Latin and Greek Root Game:


Modal Auxillaries



Cursive Writing



Essential Question:


How does my understanding of Greek and Latin roots help me become a better reader?

How do I use my understanding of conventions and grammar to become a better reader?



b. Use common, grade-appropriate Greek and Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word (e.g., telegraph, photograph, autograph). 

ELACC4L1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. 

c. Use modal auxiliaries (e.g., can, may, must) to convey various conditions. 

ELACC4L1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. 

h. Writes legibly in cursive, leaving spaces between letters in a word and between words in a sentence


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