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1st Grade Spelling and Sight Words

Here are some great websites to help with spelling and sight word recognition.





Lesson 1

Spelling Words: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat, chat, that

Sight Words: we, dog, to, play, and, I, a, run, like, can, cat


Lesson 2

Spelling Words: bad, lad, Chad, mad, dad, pad, glad, sad, had, Tad

Sight Words: the, you, want, here, little, not, do, all, big, is


Lesson 3

Spelling Words: bit, fit, hit, it, kit, lit, pit, sit, quit, slit

Sight Words: she, are, funny, will, me, with, he, make, am, pretty


Lesson 4

Spelling Words: back, Jack, black, Mack, pack, rack, sack, tack, snack, track

Sight Words: what, call, jump, said, let, us, my, house, no, come


Lesson 5

Spelling Words: dot, got, cot, hot, rot, lot, not, pot, tot, spot

October 6th

Sight Words: cummulative test this week


Lesson 6

Spelling Words: bug, dug, hug, jug, lug, mug, rug, tug, chug, snug

Sight Words: help, work, there, away, can't, this, ride, find, keep, ran, on, if


Lesson 7

Spelling Words: bed, fed, Fred, led, Ned, red, shed, sled, Ted, wed

Sight Words: good, Monday, any, Sunday, or, have, read, did, too, Tuesday


Lesson 8

Spelling Words: that, them, then, this, thin, path, thick, with, bath, math

Sight Words: put, friend, it, be, where, get, at, Thursday


Lesson 9

Spelling Words: cut, gut, rut, nut, hut, cub, rub, sub, tub, club

Sight Words: red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow, brown, pink, white, black


Lesson 10

Spelling Words: king, ring, sing, wing, sting, thing, ping, long, song, bring

Sight Words: your, when, that, say, look, go, hot, Wednesday


Lesson 11

Spelling Words: or, for, cord, fork, born, fort, port, torn, corn, sport

Sight Words: who, an, today, now, about, yes, cold, Friday


Lesson 12

Spelling Words: shop, shot, shut, rush, wish, fish, cash, dash, rash, bash

Sight Words: fast, please, down, for, him, her, why, upon


Lesson 13

Spelling Words: chip, chin, inch, such, much, chop, chat, chick, chimp, champ

Sight Words: up, sleep, as, they, give, use, how, Saturday

Lesson 14

Spelling Words: bar, barn, car, card, far, farm, jar, part, park, tar

Sight Words: could, has, of, drink, walk, take, laugh, far


Lesson 15

Spelling Words: whiz, which, when, whip, what, quit, quick, quiz, quack, quilt

Sight Words: had, don't, some, them, very, went, old, by


Lesson 16

Spelling Words: fur, spur, burn, turn, churn, surf, turf, hurt, curb, slurp

Sight Words: five, ten, two, seven, nine, three, eight, one, six, four


Lesson 17

Spelling Words: stir, first, bird, girl, third, shirt, whirl, chirp, dirt, firm

Sight Words: around, tell, was, our, eat, think, once, gave


Lesson 18

Spelling Words: boat, coat, goat, soap, road, coal, soak, toast, float, Joan

Sight Words: came, found, out, his, ask, draw, ate, fall


Lesson 19

Spelling Words: see, feet, tree, green, sleep, eat, seat, team, mean, treat

Sight Words: going, stop, got, new, write, into, made, would


Lesson 20

Spelling Words: day, lay, hay, say, may, play, way, gray, jay, stay

Sight Words: best, together, over, long, off, small, sit, were


Lesson 21

Spelling Words: came, game, name, gate, late, Kate, lake, take, cake, Flake

Sight Words: thank, but, never, know, school, own, fly, much


Lesson 22

Spelling Words: like, Spike, Mike, hike, line, mine, nine, mile, while, smile  

Sight Words: which, always, try, must, under, open, just, buy


Lesson 23

Spelling Words: home, bone, shone, code, rode, rose, nose, those, rope, hope

Sight Words: before, its, then, from, after, cut, many, shall

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