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Games to Play with Your Child

Practice the sightwords with games:

BANG! = print the word cards, then add in at least 4 new cards with the word BANG written on them.  Turn all cards face-down. Take turns choosing a card.  Student must read the card correctly to keep it.  If you draw a BANG card, all your word cards must go back into the pile!

Fast-Draw = Place word cards in a stack.  Take turns turning over the top card and placing it on the table.  The person who reads it first (the fastest), gets to pick up the card to keep.

Go Fish =  Played like the classic game... print out 2 copies of the word cards, shuffle and play.


Work on Numbers for Math:

(We have been working on making groups up to 20, recognizing larger numbers and even adding!)

Play Top-It = This is played the same way as the "War" card game; just remove the face cards first, and have your student say which number is larger.

Grab and write= Use collections of stones, pennies, or other small objects.  Have your student (or yourself) grab up a handful then write how many they "THINK" are there.  Then count and record the actual amount.

Adding = Draw two tens-frames  (a tens-frame looks like a squared-off egg carton with only 10 spaces; two rows of five)  have students draw 2 cards and add those numbers by placing each set in the tens frames.

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