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Cold War

Cold War Vocabulary: 

  1. Berlin Airlift- Where the United States airplanes delivered to supplies to West Berlin every day for 321 days.
  2. Capitalism- A free market where business owners control the economy.
  3.  Cold War- Not technically a war; tension between the United States and the Soviet Union.
  4. Communism- A type of government where the government controls business and laws.
  5. Cuban Missile Crisis- When the United States discovered the Soviet Union was building missile launching pads in Cuba and President Kennedy blocked any Soviet Union ships from getting to Cuba.
  6. Democracy- A type of government where people vote for representatives to make laws
  7. Iron Curtain- An invisible divide between countries that supported communism and countries that supported democracy.
  8. Joseph McCarthy- A United States senator that spread the scare of communism in the U.S.
  9. Korean War- A conflict between North Korea and South Korea that ended in a stalemate.
  10. NATO- An organization formed to help prevent the spread of communism among free nations.
  11. Nikita Khrushchev- Soviet Union leader after Joseph Stalin; he was responsible for the Cuban Missile Crisis
  12. Vietnam War- A conflict between The North and South Vietnamese; the United States got involved to help the South Vietnamese in stopping the spreading of communism
  13. Berlin Wall- a physical wall built to divide the west side of Berlin (controlled by the U.S.) from the east side of Berlin (controlled by the Soviet Union)
  14. Space Race- a type of arms race that involves trying to gain more advancements in space research
  15. Red Scare- fear of the Red Army (another name for the USSR army)
  16. Containment Policy- strategy focused on stopping the spread of communism
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