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Completed Units Physics S2

Unit 5 - 2d Motion   - Jan. '18


5.0  Projectile motion - Investigation 6A

5.1 Motion in two-dimensions

5.2 Finding resultants

5.3 Frictional Force - static vs. sliding friction

5.4 Understanding the formula for friction

5.5 Coefficient of friction problems

5.6 Crash Course summary of friction

5.7 Universal Gravitation

5.8 Universal Gravitation crash course - this is general make sure to use the gravity between objects formula introduced in class

Final Review Problems


Unit 6: Waves

6.1      Virtual Pendulum Lab 


6.2      Harmonic Motion explained

6.3     Harmonic Motion - Period and Frequency p 1-3

6.4     Transverse and Longitudinal Waves  (video)

6.5     Venn diagram for wave classification

6.6     Wave components

          a. Anatomy of a wave (video)

          b. Parts of transverse and longitudinal waves

6.7     Wave speed

          a. Calculating wave speed

          b. Describing waves

6.8     Interference of Waves

          a. Constructive/destructive interference slinky (video)

               b. Interference work

6.9     Wave behavior

          a. Reflection and the law of reflection

          b. Refraction

          c. Diffraction

6.10   Standing Waves

          a. Harmonics   Harmonics properties

          b. Parts of a standing wave

          c. Galloping Gertie -

                           Full video - Tacoma Narrows disaster

6.11   Sound

          Intensity and loudness - decibel chart

          Frequency and pitch

          Frequency and hearing

  Help links for Sound

          Speed of Sound

          Sound Properties   Intensity/loudness


6.12   The Electromagnetic Spectrum

            Dr. Dave

          Facts sheet


         EM Spectrum

          Light waves / EM Spectrum   help site

6.13   The Doppler Effect      Car Horn       Airplane

          Doppler review complete



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