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Completed Units S2

*******Online student assignment due to incement weather day: NO LONGER ACCEPTED - Unit complete and 2+ weeks late

Wednesday January 17, 2018 - click the link below to access today's online assignment- - expired

Complete questions 1-10 (parts 1 & 2) on the Speed and Velocity Calculations Worksheet. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WRITE THE QUESTIONS. DRAW THE BOX FOR THE QUESTIONS THAT HAVE THE BOX.

Unit 6 - Force and Motion    - Jan '18

6.1    Speed Choice Board - students must complete 3 parts by completing one activity in each color below

Part 1- Vocabulary choices - Choice A- Create a foldable on basic vocabulary (use the words on the  

                                                                graphic organizer)

                                                  Choice B- Speed vocabulary graphic organizer

                                                   Choice C - Create a flashcards/notecards for vocabulary (use words

                                                                  on graphic organizer)

Teacher must check off work to move on

Part 2 - What is speed?          Choice A -Guided Notes from Teacher's Notes

                                                   Choice B - Watch 2 videos and complete a graphic organizer

                                                   Choice C - Speed webquest

Teacher must check off work to move on

next, Socrative pre-test to determine starting level for calculations - open socrative and log in

Part 3 - Calculating speed choices - PATH IS DECIDED BY YOUR SOCRATIVE RESULTS

  -                                                             Calculations 1

                                                                Calculations 2

                                                                Calculations 3

Turn in work to teacher

Distance/displacement/speed/velocity Notes

6.2 Speed Lab Activity                          

6.3a Acceleration video link and follow up questions (2/9)

6.3b Acceleration

6.4 Acceleration GO

6.5 Speed and Acceleration  from socrative results

             Remediation    On goal    Enrichment

6.6 Speed vs. Acceleration Graphs - notes 2/7

6.7 Newton's Laws of Motion GO

6.8 a .Newton's 1st Law of Motion - explained 

       b. Inertia and mass

6.9 a. Newton's 2nd Law of Motion - Formula w/ example

       b. *explained

           c. 2nd Law formula breakdown

       d. Qzzr on 2nd Law

           e. Complete and turn in the 2nd Law problems (hand out) in class

6.10 a. Newton's 3rd Law of Motion - explained

            b. NFL 3rd Law video

         c. 3rd Law situations

Unit 7 - Weight, Falling under gravity, Work & Mechanical Advantage - Feb '18

7.1 Basic Unit Vocabulary

7.2 Objects falling due to gravity and friction   falling comparison  moon - falling in a vacuum  Vacuum Chamber demonstration    high altitude fall

7.3 a. Friction    MIT video    4 Types of Friction

       b. Students will create a graphic organizer to demonstrate fricton, static friction, sliding friction, rolling friction, air resistance and mechanical advantage -   

           with a picture of each type of friction and describe each type of friction.

7.4  Work and its calculation eureka 13  Students calculate 6 work/force/distance problems

7.5  a. Mechanical Advantage using simple machines- what is it and how to calculate it

         b. Pulley MA video

7.6 Remediation or acceleration

Unit 7 Test - Thursday, February 15th


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