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World War I and the 1920's

World War I and the 1920's


 SS5H2 Describe U.S. involvement in World War I and post-World War I America.

a. Explain how German attacks on U.S. shipping during the war in Europe (1914-1917) ultimately led the U.S. to join the fight against Germany; include the sinking of the Lusitania and concerns over safety of U.S. ships, U.S. contributions to the war, and the impact of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

b. Describe the cultural developments and individual contributions in the 1920s of the Jazz Age (Louis Armstrong), the Harlem Renaissance (Langston Hughes), baseball (Babe Ruth), the automobile (Henry Ford), and transatlantic flight (Charles Lindbergh).

World War I Vocabulary:

  1. nationalism-the belief that your country deserves more success than others
  2. militarism- the building of a strong military to frighten or defeat other countries
  3. alliance-  an agreement nations make to support and defend each other
  4. trench warfare- a type of land warfare where each side digs long lines of trenches for protection
  5. Allied Powers-  an alliance between countries including Britain, France, Russia, Italy and Japan
  6. Central Powers- an alliance between German, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria; fought against Allie Powers
  7. rations- the government set limits on the amount of goods civilians could have
  8. propaganda- Information that is used to shape people’s thinking
  9. armistice- an agreement to stop fighting
  10. isolationism- the desire to stay out of world events
  11. Big Four- the leaders form the four major Allies including Britain, France, Italy and the U.S.
  12. Fourteen Points- President Wilson’s goals for an end to World War I and lasting peace
  13. League of Nations- a group of governments that strived to prevent wars and protect independent nations
  14. Lusitania- a large luxury passenger ship that was sunk by a German submarine; over 1,000 passengers were killed
  15. Treaty of Versailles- treaty between the Allies and Germany that ended World War I
  16. U-boat-  the name for German submarines which comes from the German word “Unterseeboat”



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