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Turn of the Century

Turn of the Century

 SS5H1 Describe how life changed in America at the turn of the century.

a. Describe the role of the cattle trails in the late 19th century; include the Black Cowboys of Texas, the Great Western Cattle Trail, and the Chisholm Trail.b. Describe the impact on American life of the Wright brothers (flight), George Washington Carver (science), Alexander Graham Bell (communication), and Thomas Edison (electricity).c. Explain how William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt expanded America’s role in the world; include the Spanish-American War and the building of the Panama Canal.d. Describe the reasons people immigrated to the United States, from where they emigrated, and where they settled.

SS5E1 Use the basic economic concepts of trade, opportunity cost, specialization, productivity, and price incentives to illustrate historical events.

b. Explain how price incentives affect people’s behavior and choices (e.g., decisions to participate in cattle trails because of increased beef prices).

SS5G1 Locate important places in the United States.

a. Locate important man-made places; include the Chisholm Trail;

SS5G2 Explain the reasons for the spatial patterns of economic activities.

a. Locate primary agricultural and industrial locations between the end of the Civil War and 1900 and explain how factors such as population, transportation, and resources have influenced these areas (e.g., Pittsburgh’s rapid growth in the late nineteenth century).b. Locate primary agricultural and industrial locations since the turn of the 20th century and explain how factors such as population, transportation, and resources have influenced these areas (e.g., Chicago’s rapid growth at the turn of the century).


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Turn of the Century Vocabulary:

  1. Chisolm Trail- the first cattle trail that began in San Antonio and ended in Abilene
  2. Great Western Cattle Trail- the trail used to guide cattle north to new railroad lines across the Great Plains
  3. Black Cowboys- Men who were able to get jobs in Texas after the Civil War (most were former slaves)
  4. The Wright Brothers- Two men who took the first powered flight in an airplane they made themselves
  5. George Washington Carver- African-American scientist who developed hundreds of products from peanuts and sweet potatoes
  6. Thomas Edison- The inventor of the first lightbulb
  7. Alexander Graham Bell- The inventor of the telephone
  8. William McKinley- President of the US during the Spanish-American War
  9. Spanish-American War- The war that led to America become a world power; US gained 3 new territories: Guam, Puerto Rico, & Philippines
  10. Theodore Roosevelt- US president during construction of the Panama Canal
  11. Panama Canal- The man-made short-cut through Central America; connects Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
  12. Emigration- leaving your homeland to make a long journey to a new country.
  13. Immigration- a person who moves to a new country
  14. Yellow Journalism- style of newspaper writing in which reporters exaggerate the facts of a story in order to sell newspapers
  15. Rough Riders- a group of volunteer fighters in the Spanish American war led by Theodore Roosevelt

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