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Warm Ups for the Unit SS8H3 American Revolution

SS8H3 warm up American Revolution

1. Copy the Standard for the new unit SS8H3 

SS8H3 Analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolutionary Era.
a. Explain the causes of the American Revolution as they impacted Georgia; include the
French and Indian War, Proclamation of 1763, and the Stamp Act.
b. Interpret the three parts of the Declaration of Independence (preamble, grievances, and
declaration) and identify the three Georgia signers of the document.
c. Analyze the significance of the Loyalists and Patriots as a part of Georgia’s role in the
Revolutionary War; include the Battle of Kettle Creek and Siege of Savannah.
d. Analyze the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and explain how those
weaknesses led to the writing of a new federal Constitution. 

2. Define the French and Indian War? Look in the book . The French and Indian War is the war that took place in North America from 1754- 1763 in which the French and their Allies fought the British for control of the Ohio River Valley.

 Tuesday 10-3 Warm up 
3. Define The Proclamation of 1763 - The Proclamation of 1763 was   an order issued by King George III that moved Georgia's southern boundary to the St. Marys River: it also forbade the colonist from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains.
4.What is another name for Seven Years War? Another name for the Seven Years war is the  French and Indian War

Wednesday 10-4 Warm up SS8H3 American Revolution

5. What lands and boundaries did the British obtain ( recieve ) after winning the French and Indian War. page 145 
The British gained  control of Canada and all the lands west to the Mississipppi River

6. Define Revolution -What do you think it means - put in your own words

rev·o·lu·tion ?rev?'lo?oSH(?)n/ noun

.a forcible overthrow of a government or social order in favor of a new system.

synonyms: rebellion, revolt, insurrection, mutiny, uprising, riot, rioting, insurgence, seizure of power, coup (d'état)

"the French aristocracy was ill-prepared to quell a revolution"

Thursday October 5th 

.7. What was a cause of the American Revolution War.?Hint it caused the King to be in debt.- The French and Indian War
8. Define the Stamp Act-  use the glossary A leglislature pass by Parliament to place a tax on all paper goods, legal documents, stamps, license.
Friday October 6th 
9. How many parts are there in the Declaration of Independence?

10. Identify what these parts are. Tell the name of each part. 




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