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Proyecto - Un País Hispanohablante

Proyecto:  Un País Hispanohablante 
You and a partner are going to collaborate to create a presentation on a Spanish speaking country.  You are going to pick a country, research it and prepare a Keynote presentation that you will present to the class. 
Parte I:  Datos Importantes (En Español) 
1. El nombre del país y el capital.
2. La población del país 
        a. La población de ______ es _________.
3. Una mapa
4. La bandera.
        a. Picture of the flag
        b. Los colores
        c. La bandera de _______ es ______, ________ y _________.
5. El president
         a. El/La presidente se llama ______________.
Parte II: La Historia (En Inglés) 
1.  Acontecimientos Importantes   
            a. Research 3 important events in that nation’s history and write a short sentence or two about each.  Examples: Founding,                       Independence, Civil War, etc…. things that significantly impacted the history of your country
            b. Image(s) to accompany each event. 
Parte III: La Cultura (En Inglés y Español) 
1. Días de fiesta. 
          a. Research 2 holidays celebrated in your country. Write the name of the holiday and the date of the holiday En Español.  
          b. Write a short description of the holiday (what is it, why is it celebrated, how is it celebrated)
          c. An image for each
2. Attractions
          a. Research 2 things visitors can do in the country. Pick things you might want to do if you went to that country.
          b. Write a short description of each attraction – where is it (city name), what is it
          c. An image for each
3. ¡Qué extraño!
          a. Find 1 weird/strange/interesting fact about your country and describe it for us. Can be anything: a place, a tradition, a festival,                etc..
          b. Write a short description and include an image.

Parte IV:  Bibliografía 
 Include a Bibliography at the end of your presentation.  It should include each website you use for your information.  Google.com is NOT a reference.  It needs to be each, individual website. Just copy and paste the link under the name of the site: 
  Ex.     World Atlas - United States of America 
Do/Do Not 
1. DO make your presentation interesting. 
2. DO NOT copy and paste (plagiarize) information directly from a website. 
3. DO re-write things in your own words. 
4. DO NOT try and put too much information on one slide.  
5. DO put an image on every slide. 

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