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Study Guide

Citizenship Unit

Test September 28, 2017

A citizen is a legal member of a country. All citizens have responsibilities. They should participate in the duties of being a good citizen.


All citizens have responsibilities that are important to help support the Constitution.

Obey laws
All citizens should obey the laws that the government makes. Some laws to obey are:

  • driving the speed limit
  • not littering
  • not stealing
  • not injuring other people

Pay taxes
The government needs money from taxes to run services for citizens. Everyone needs to pay taxes. Paying taxes is also the law, and all citizens should obey the law. Two types of tax are sales tax (paid on products that are bought) and income tax (paid on wages or money that is earned).


Serve on a jury
Citizens have the right to a trial with a jury. Citizens have the responsibility of serving on juries to help the judicial system make sure everyone has a jury at trial.


Sign up for Selective Service
All male citizens in the United States have to sign up for the Selective Service at 18 years old. If the government needs more people to help fight a war, it can have a draft to bring these citizens into the army. Signing up for the Selective Service makes a person available in case the government needs them.


Vote in elections
Voting in elections is both a right and a responsibility. Citizens should vote so that they have a say in who runs the government. Citizens should also stay informed about the issues that concern them. It is all citizens' responsibility to vote so that the country can continue to have a government that represents all the people



The concept of due process of law is very important to the U.S. system of democracy. The Constitution states that all people in the United States will be protected by due process.


Due process of law is a constitutional promise that prevents the government from affecting people in a harmful way. The 5th and 14th amendments to the Constitution both include the principle of due process. Both amendments state that a person's life, liberty, or property may not be taken away without due process of law. The purpose of these amendments is to make sure that the government is protecting the rights of citizens and that all people are treated the same. The laws of the United States are also influenced by the concept of due process. To insure that people are being treated equally, a law must be described so that people can understand it. The law must be fair to everyone .


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