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Warm ups for SS8H1

Week 4 Warm ups SS8H1

SS8H1 Warm ups- 9-6/9-8-17 Tuesday

1. What did the 3 countries want to explore North America?

2. Why did England want to settle in North America?

September 6th Warm up SS8H1 Wednesday

3. Who was the Spanish explorer to reach the area of Georgia first?
Hernando Desoto

4. What was the Spanish Conquistador looking for?  Hernando Desoto was looking for Gold.

September 7th Warm up SS8H1 Thursday
5. How did glaciers contribute to human migration to Americas? The glaciers exposed a land bridge called Beringia: this allowed the natives to cross to North America

6. The English wanted to explore the new world to develop a fur trade.
True or False.    False – the English were not fur traders: The French were fur traders.

September 8th Warm up Friday

7. Which regions of Georgia did Hernando not enter? Look at the map on summary sheet
Appalachian Plateau and Blue Ridge

8. I have made up all of my work and my Ian is in order? Yes or No and why? Explain your answers.


August 28th Monday Warm up Quiz 10 questions given- use your Ian warm ups for help -
8-21-8-25 -17 warmup questions

Started new standard SS8H1 European Exploration 8/28/17

Week 3 Warm ups SS8H1 Day 1

Warm up week 3 New Unit SS8H1 Exploration

August 28 Monday Day 1 
  1.  Name the 4 major Prehistoric Native American Indian­­ Groups pg.70

  2. What does Nomadic Mean? pg.76

August 29th Tuesday  SS8H1 Exploration 

3. What was the last Prehistoric and most advanced Indian group called ?

4.  If you are European ,What continent are you from?_____________________________ 
Name 3 countries in that continent .___________________,___________________,______

August 30th Wednesday 

5. What were the Mississippian Houses made out of?__________________

6.What type of buildings did the Mississippians leave behind and what were they used for?_____________

August 31st Thursday 

7. Mississippian Indians built permanent protective outer walls called?___________________________

8.List the artifacts that showed the Mississippian culture was religious and artistic.

September 1

9. What does Hierarchy mean?

10. What effect did the Europeans have on the Mississippian Indians? 

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