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Completed Units S1 2017

Unit 1 - Common themes in Honors Physics

Scientific Method

Sci Method concept check -

Metric conversions

How to do metric conversion - basics (VIDEO)

Metric conversion problems

Resources Basic Scientific Notation  Significant Figures / Accuracy and Precision

Precision/Accuracy + Significant Figures notes

Basic Scientific Notation and Significant Figures practice - Assignment

Adding/Subtracting and Multiplying/Dividing sig figs - Assignment

More Practice with sig fig quantities - Assignment

Dimensional Analysis

video tutorial - dimensional analysis

Dimensional Analysis problems - Assignment

Prep problems - class handout


Unit 2 - One-Dimensional Motion

2.1a Distance vs. Displacement video

2.1b Distance/Displacement - help

2.1c Distance vs. Displacement

2.2a Speed vs. Velocity video

2.2b Speed/Velocity - help

2.2c Speed vs. Velocity

2.3 Investigation 1B

2.4a Basic acceleration problems

2.4b. Basic acceleration (reinforcement) video

2.5a Scalar vs. Vector video

2.5b Scalar vs. Vector quantities - help

2.6 Acceleration concepts - acceleration as a vector

2.7 Describing motion with diagrams

2.8 Graphing Motion

2.9 Position-time graphs

2.10a The four basic kinematic equations

2.10b Kinematic problems (omit 7-9)

2.11c Supplemental kinematic problems

2.12 Gravity as an acceleration

2.13a Free fall equations (tutorial)

2.13b Free fall

2.13c Free fall in a vacuum

2.14 Mass and Weight

2.15a Newton's 1st Law - NFL

2.15b Newton's 1st Law

2.15c Investigation 2A

2.16 Newton's Second Law of Motion

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