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Group D


Monday  10-23-2017

. When waves break down a sea cliff, pick up and carry the debris, and dump on the shore forming a beach, what processes are happening, and in what order are they happening?

a)  Weathering, then deposition, then erosion

b)  Erosion, then weathering, then deposition

c) Weathering, then erosion, then deposition

d) Erosion, then deposition, then weathering



Answer each of the questions below.

1.  Which part of the cell contains genetic information?

2.  What is another term for genetic information?



When atoms lose or gain an electron, they become a/an ______________.









Which is the BEST way to combine the sentences below?

Mary did very well on her science project.  She did not win first place.


1.  Mary did very well; on her science project she did not win first place.

2.  Mary did very well on her science project, or she did not win first place.

3.  Mary did very well on her science project, but she did not win first place.

4.  Mary did very well on her science project, so she did not win first place.


Tuesday 10-24-2017

Which sentence uses incorrect punctuation?

1.  Yesterday, I read a book; and cleaned my room

2.  Derek was first in line for tickets; Amy was second

3.  Where in the world is my math book?

4.  It’s not my turn to walk the dog..



Wednesday 10-18-2017

Select the correct answer for the questions below:
1.  Tuesday and Wednesday _____ long days for me.
       a) is           b) are
2.    If you quit smoking, you would have probably have felt better.
a) correct      b) incorrect, how do you correct it?
Thursday 10-19-2017

 What is an example of a chemical change that happens inside your body?

a) Water being absorbed inside your large intestine2.  If you quit smoking, you would have probably have felt better.b) Food being moved from your esophagus into your stomach

c) Food being broken into small pieces by your teeth

d) Food being broken down by enzymes in your stomach

7th Grade Launcher:  Solve the problem:  2x - 9 = -35

6th Grade Launcher: Solve the following:  a) 71/5, 205/5, 507/8


Friday 10-20-2017

All of the words are similar except . . .

1.  elephant, dog, tiger, cow, snake

2.  strawberry, raspberry, blueberry,


3.  soccer, wrestling, baseball, ping pong











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