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This page is set up for students who are absent. This is a running list of all kickoff questions throughout the year.  Try your best to answer each kickoff.  Some are pre-test questions and you may not know they answer yet.  Kickoff's are graded on effort not accuracy and are due each Friday. Check your answers in class from a peer or with Ms. Bailey upon your return.


Week 3: 

8/21/17 - When does someone enter the CJ System? 

8/22/17 - Practice Writing a Witness Statement. (Who, what, when, where, why, how). Topic - Explain in detail everything you did/experienced pertaining to yesterday's Solar Eclipse.

8/23/17 - Complete 3-2-1;  

                (List & Define) 3 New Vocab Terms       (Identify) 2 Different Adversaries       (Write)   1 Amendment Title, Number, & Explanation

8/24/17 - Define: Statute, Tort, and Appeal.

8/25/17 - Participation Activity to gather materials to finish final copy of Criminal vs Civil Court Vinn Diagrams

Week 4:

8/28/17 - Which career in the criminal justice/public safety profession do you find most interesting and why?

                Monday's classwork counts as Thursday and Friday Kickoff grades.  

                Employabiltiy Skills Self Assessment & Carreer Study Research Activity

8/29/17 - Complete the Matching Amendment Review Handout (Front Side)

8/30/17 - Complete the Writing Portion of the Amendment Review Handout (Back Side)

Week 5: 

9/4/17 - Labor Day Holiday

9/5/17 - Pick up Sept. 11th Field Trip Permission Form. Use the checklist provided on the board and inside your OLC to organize Comp Books for Unit Test Prep and Graded Notebook Check. Using the entire unit's notes and activities, creat 3 test questions along with four multiple choice options. Circle the correct answer.

9/6/17 - Create groups of four people. Merge yesterday's questions into one Kahoot Game. (Each game should total 12 questions from our Legal System unit)

9/7/17 - Finalize Kahoot games with your groups.

9/8/17 - Take out your notebooks/comp books and prepare for notebook check and open note unit test.

Week 6:

9/11 - School Cancelled

9/12 - School Cancelled

9/13/17 - If you could be ANY person WORKING the OJ trial who would it be and why? (Judge, Juror, Prosecutor, Defense Attorney, Media, Bailiff, Court Clerk, Court Reporter

9/14/17 - Career Study (Superior Court Judge & Civil Court Judge)

9/15/17 - Career Study (US Supreme Court Justice)

Week 7:

9/18/17 - Name 3 possible defenses a person could use as an excuse to justify or deny the crime they are accused of. 

Week 9:

9/25/17 - FBI's 10 Most Wanted List

9/26-9/29/17 - Set up Group Stations and Gather Criminal Justice in America Book & Supplies Pages 11-15

Week 10:

10/9 - 10/10/17 - Set up Group Stations and Gather Law Book Supplies & Supplies Title 40 Crimes & Offenses, Criminal Elements, Punishments, & Crime Classifications

Week 11:

10/16/17 - Name 3 examples of Cyber Crimes

Week 13:

10/30/17 - Prepping for Mock Trial Join Showbie using the following codes:  4th Period 752VC,  5th Period MVMFT,  7th Period 8GH5Z

10/31/17 - Individual Role Assignments broken down on Showbie. During Mock Trial, your kickoff is to come in, arrange tables, get your Mock Trial Case Folders out, review Showbie's Daily Post and be a self starter according to your role assignment unitl otherwise directed.

Week 14, 15 & 16:

Arrange Seating for Mock Trial Study Sessions and Rehearsals 

January Kickoffs - All Resume Building Skills. Turn in via Showbie OR via email according to board instructions. Double check all punctuation, word choice, power verbs, capitalization, spelling, proper vs improper abbreviations, format is correct to your template choice and consistent, margins are consistent, references have full name, address, and phone number OR email. ALL 3 posts are DUE FRIDAY 1/26/18. 10 points off each day it's late.

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