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This page is set up for students who are absent. This is a running list of all kickoff questions throughout the year.  Try your best to answer each kickoff.  Some are pre-test questions and you may not know they answer yet.  Kickoff's are graded on effort not accuracy and are due each Friday. Check your answers in class from a peer or with Ms. Bailey upon your return.


Week 3:

8/21/17 -  When does someone enter the CJ System? 

8/22/17 -  Practice Writing a Witness Statement. (Who, what, when, where, why, how). Topic - Explain in detail everything you did/experienced pertaining to yesterday's Solar Eclipse.

8/23/17 -  Summerize the following court hearings (initial appearance, preliminary hearing, arraignment) in your own words.

8/24/17 - Was our review game a helpful resource in studying for our vocabulary quiz? Why or why not? Name other helpful study tips we could use. 

8/25/17 - Do you think you have what it takes to be an investigator on the hunt for a serial killer? Why or Why not?

Week  4:

8/28/17 - Which career in the criminal justice/public safety profession do you find most interesting and why?

                Monday's classwork counts as Thursday and Friday Kickoff grades.  

                Employabiltiy Skills Self Assessment & Carreer Study Research Activity

8/29/17 - Part 1: Was it fair for the Green River Killer to Escape the death penalty in exchange for pleading guilty to 48 murders & giving info to his other missing victims? Why or Why not? Part 2: What is your opinion of the plea bargaining option?

8/30/17 - Using your Overview of CJ System Packet, identify 3 job tasks or responsibilities for each of the following Career Fields:  Warden, 911 Dispatcher, Fire, EMS, Private Security, Patrol Officer. 

Week  5:

9/4/17 - Labor Day Holiday

9/5/17 - Create a KWL Chart on OJ Simpson (K column is what you KNOW, W column is what you WANT to know, L Column is what you LEARNED) See classroom board for example.

9/6/17 - Add 3 facts to your learned column after watching Section 1

9/7/17 - Add 3 facts to your learned column after watching Section 2

9/8/17 - Based on your observations from our case study, do you think OJ should have been found guilty? Why or Why not?

Week 6:

9/11 - school cancelled

9/12 - school cancelled

9/13/17 - Finish... Based on your observations from our case study, do you think OJ should have been found guilty? Why or Why not?

9/14/17 - Complete 3-2-1 Worksheet in OJ Packet

9/15/17 - Study for Test and Turn in OJ Packet

Week 7:

9/18/17 - Name 1 power granted to the police. Name 1 restriction placed on the police. 

9/19/17 - What is the difference between Substantive and Procedural Law?

9/20/17 - Vocab Notes

9/21/17 - Arrange Classroom for Trashket Ball

9/22/17 - Study for Vocab Quiz

Week 8:

9/25/17 - 9/2917   FBI America's Most Wanted List

Week 9:


Week 10:

10/9/17 - StudyGuide Prep

10/10/17 - Study for Unit Test

Week 11:

10/16/17 - What federally recognized Standard or Model holds officers accountable when it comes to using force?

10/17/17 - Give a brief explanation of your role/responsibility during this Use of Force Teaching Project. 2-3 Sentences. 

Week 12:

Classwork Assignments will count for weekly kickoffs due.

Week 13:

10/30/17 - Which United States Supreme Court Case retricted LEO's from using deadly force on fleeing felons?

10/31/17 - When it comes to using force, what is the primary goal of LEO's when faced with conflict?

11/1/17 - What are the two different types of arrests?

11/2/17 - Finish Guided Notes and Lab Safety Quiz

11/3/17 - Turn in kickoffs for Weeks 11, Classwork for Week 12, Kickoffs Week 13. See specific list from Ms. Bailey

Week 14 & 15: 

Arrange floorplan conducive for Handcuffing and Searches. Gather Lab Equipment and dress out. 

Week 16:

11/27/17: Define Community Policing and explain why it is important for everyone in the community (police, fire, ems, government, mayor, schools, & all citizens within) have a responsibility?

11/28 & 29: Complete and turn in Community Policing, Conflict Resolution, & Diversity Packet

11/30/17 - Define Ethics and why it's important to work with integrity in the law enforcement career field.

12/1/17 - Define Corruption. Give 3 examples of corruption in the law enforcement career field.

January Kickoffs - All Resume Building Skills. Turn in via Showbie OR via email according to board instructions. Double check all punctuation, word choice, power verbs, capitalization, spelling, proper vs improper abbreviations, format is correct to your template choice and consistent, margins are consistent, references have full name, address, and phone number OR email. ALL 3 posts are DUE FRIDAY 1/26/18. 10 points off each day it's late.

February Kickoffs -

2/26/18 - Finish K9 Project

2/27/18 - Have you ever used a fire extinguisher and why? If not, do you think you would know how to use one if needed? 

2/28/18 - What do CERT, FEMA, & GEMA stand for?

3/1/18 - What is the goal of CERT? What agency does it fall under?

3/2/18 - Last call for K9 Officer Projects and Study for vocab test

Week 28

3/5/18 - Internet Scavenger Hunt (FEMA, GEMA, CDC, CERT, Department of Homeland Security)

3/6/18 - What is a PSA and give an example of one related to Public Safety and one related to Fire Safety

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