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This page is set up for students who are absent. This is a running list of all kickoff questions throughout the year.  Try your best to answer each kickoff.  Some are pre-test questions and you may not know they answer yet.  Kickoff's are graded on effort not accuracy and are due each Friday. Check your answers in class from a peer or with Ms. Bailey upon your return.


Week 3:

8/21/17 -  When does someone enter the CJ System? 

8/22/17 -  Practice Writing a Witness Statement. (Who, what, when, where, why, how). Topic - Explain in detail everything you did/experienced pertaining to yesterday's Solar Eclipse.

8/23/17 -  Summerize the following court hearings (initial appearance, preliminary hearing, arraignment) in your own words.

8/24/17 - Was our review game a helpful resource in studying for our vocabulary quiz? Why or why not? Name other helpful study tips we could use. 

8/25/17 - Do you think you have what it takes to be an investigator on the hunt for a serial killer? Why or Why not?

Week  4:

8/28/17 - Which career in the criminal justice/public safety profession do you find most interesting and why?

                Monday's classwork counts as Thursday and Friday Kickoff grades.  

                Employabiltiy Skills Self Assessment & Carreer Study Research Activity

8/29/17 - Part 1: Was it fair for the Green River Killer to Escape the death penalty in exchange for pleading guilty to 48 murders & giving info to his other missing victims? Why or Why not? Part 2: What is your opinion of the plea bargaining option?

8/30/17 - Using your Overview of CJ System Packet, identify 3 job tasks or responsibilities for each of the following Career Fields:  Warden, 911 Dispatcher, Fire, EMS, Private Security, Patrol Officer. 

Week  5:

9/4/17 - Labor Day Holiday

9/5/17 - Create a KWL Chart on OJ Simpson (K column is what you KNOW, W column is what you WANT to know, L Column is what you LEARNED) See classroom board for example.

9/6/17 - Add 3 facts to your learned column after watching Section 1

9/7/17 - Add 3 facts to your learned column after watching Section 2

9/8/17 - Based on your observations from our case study, do you think OJ should have been found guilty? Why or Why not?

Week 6:

9/11 - school cancelled

9/12 - school cancelled

9/13/17 - Finish... Based on your observations from our case study, do you think OJ should have been found guilty? Why or Why not?

9/14/17 - Complete 3-2-1 Worksheet in OJ Packet

9/15/17 - Study for Test and Turn in OJ Packet

Week 7:

9/18/17 - Name 1 power granted to the police. Name 1 restriction placed on the police. 

9/19/17 - What is the difference between Substantive and Procedural Law?

9/20/17 - Vocab Notes

9/21/17 - Arrange Classroom for Trashket Ball

9/22/17 - Study for Vocab Quiz

Week 8:

9/25/17 - 9/2917   FBI America's Most Wanted List

Week 9:


Week 10:

10/9/17 - StudyGuide Prep

10/10/17 - Study for Unit Test

Week 11:

10/16/17 - What federally recognized Standard or Model holds officers accountable when it comes to using force?

10/17/17 - Give a brief explanation of your role/responsibility during this Use of Force Teaching Project. 2-3 Sentences. 

Week 12:

Classwork Assignments will count for weekly kickoffs due.

Week 13:

10/30/17 - Which United States Supreme Court Case retricted LEO's from using deadly force on fleeing felons?

10/31/17 - When it comes to using force, what is the primary goal of LEO's when faced with conflict?

11/1/17 - What are the two different types of arrests?

11/2/17 - Finish Guided Notes and Lab Safety Quiz

11/3/17 - Turn in kickoffs for Weeks 11, Classwork for Week 12, Kickoffs Week 13. See specific list from Ms. Bailey

Week 14 & 15: 

Arrange floorplan conducive for Handcuffing and Searches. Gather Lab Equipment and dress out. 

Week 16:

11/27/17: Define Community Policing and explain why it is important for everyone in the community (police, fire, ems, government, mayor, schools, & all citizens within) have a responsibility?

11/28 & 29: Complete and turn in Community Policing, Conflict Resolution, & Diversity Packet

11/30/17 - Define Ethics and why it's important to work with integrity in the law enforcement career field.

12/1/17 - Define Corruption. Give 3 examples of corruption in the law enforcement career field.

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