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Warm ups SS8G1

August 28th Monday Warm up Quiz 10 questions given- use your Ian warm ups for help -
8-21-8-25 -17 warmup questions

Started new standard SS8H1 European Exploration

Week 3 Warm ups SS8H1 Day 1

Warm up week 3 New Unit SS8H1 Exploration

August 28 Monday Day 1
  1.  Name the 4 major Prehistoric Native American Indian­­ Groups pg.70

  2. What does Nomadic Mean? pg.76

August 29th Tuesday  SS8H1 Exploration 

3. What was the last Prehistoric and most advanced Indian group called ?

4.  If you are European ,What continent are you from?_____________________________ 
Name 3 countries in that continent .___________________,___________________,______


SS8G1-Warm ups 

New Week 2 for warm up Questions

August 21-21 Monday 

Warm up Week August 21 – 25 – Keep Warm ups all on the same page front and back for the week.

August 21st Monday

1. The dividing line with waterfalls between the Piedmont and Coastal plains region called?___________________

2. Georgia's border with South Carolina is called the ___________________River? 
Classwork- Reviewed slides, Applachian Mountains map, powerpoint,Gave Warm question quiz from last week warmups 8/14/-8/18 - 10 ques.: time given to work on map project started on Friday -Homework - Study for test this week -

August 22nd Tuesday Warm up

3. What is the name of the second largest freshwater marsh in the United States called _______________________?

4. What is the major purpose for the Barrier Islands? _________________________________________

Class work assignments: Complete Maps of Georgia project , complete study guides, Make up work warm ups copied and answered - 
Homework - Study for test on Thursday 8-24-17- finish classwork , maps and study guides 

August 23rd Wednesday Warmups- Answers are on the Study guide

5.  The Northern region of the State represents what mountain range?__________________

6. Georgia has another border other than the 5 states what is this border? ___________________

Classwork : Warm ups, 7 minutes of study time on studyguide, review flashcards of terms and regions of GA, played review game Quizletlive on Ipads , finished any work maps, studyguides , reviewed powerpoint
Homework - Study for test on Thursday 

August 24th Thursday - Warm up - Test today over SS8G1 Geography  of Georgia 

7. What river has its headwaters in the mountains of North Georgia and forms part of the boundary between Georgia and Alabama?________________

8. Which river allows cargo ships to transport goods to and from the Atlantic Ocean?______

August 25th Friday  warm up

9.  I  have made up all my work for Unit 1 Geography and my IAN is in order ?

10. The New Unit 2  Standard  SS8H1 is over_____________________________ and it has ________ Elements ? (How many )

/userfiles/617/my files/warm ss8g1 where is Georgia august 14th[2820].docx?id=238489

Put the warm up in your Black and White composition book

Skip two or three pages

Warm SS8G1 Where is Georgia?  Week 1 

August 14th Monday

1.     Which continent is the State of Georgia Located?

2.     What region is the state of Georgia found with in the United States?

August 15th Tuesday

3.      Georgia, North America and the United States are in the ________________ and _______________hemispheres?

4.      A land mass inhabited by people who share a common territory and government is called a _________________?

August 16th Wednesday


5.      The Nation/country that I inhabit is called the _____________________?


6. What are the 5 geographic, physiographic regions of Georgia ? 


August 17th Thursday 

7. Where is the smallest of the 5 geograghic regions located?

8. The most populated geographic region is called?_______________

. August 18th Friday 

9. Which georgraphic region is the largest in land mass over 3/5th the state? ______________________

10. Which geographic region was the site of the first United States Gold Rush?____________________



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