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The Science Behind Weather- Myon

The Science Behind Weather

1. gas       

2. the “blanket of air” surrounding the Earth; air all around Earth

3. moving air

4. Rain, cold, stormy

5. cold; above the equator

6. warm; the imaginary line around the middle of the Earth

7. The kind of weather that a place has from year to year

8. The weather changes constantly; climate stay the same year to year

9. an imaginary “stick” that Earth turns on

10. when the Earth turns on its axis every 24 hrs a day

11. the tilt of the Earth; the Earth goes around the sun once a year—because of the tilt of the Earth, the sun warms different parts of Earth during the year(seasons)

12. the Earth going around the sun

13. water droplets form around tiny bits of dust or smoke

14. cold

15. precipitation

16. when warm, wet air touches the cold ground or mirror

17. cumulonimbus clouds

18. heavy rain, strong wind, thunder, and lightening- sometimes hail

19. winds that blow in a big circle

20. forms over warm ocean water; the wind gathers speed; > 74 mph it is a hurricane

21. center of the storm

22. across the ocean- can travel up to 4,000 miles toward land for as long as two weeks

23. as warm air rises, cold air rushes in to take its place

24. a rapidly spinning tube of air

25. thunderstorms


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