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Word Study

        Word Study

Each week students will participate in a word study of different word families.  The word study begins with 4 weeks of review of letters, then moves to short vowel patterns.  Below you will find the Word Study Scope and Sequence for the year.  

1st 9 Weeks

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:
hat, mat, bat, rat, sat, pat
man, fan, van, ran, pan, tan
Challenge: chat, clan, plant, match
High Frequency Words: the, I, and, is, in, go

Week 6:
pat, sat, bat, fat
map, lap, nap, tap
bag, rag, nag, wag
Challenge: splat, chap, grab, clamp
High Frequency Words: good, am, me, like, had

Week 7:
hit, bit, fit, pit, lit, kit
win, fin, bin, tin
Challenge: finch, slip, grip, shin
High Frequency Words: my, look, you, play, has

Week 8:
sit, wit
pig, dig, wig
sip, lip, tip, rip, dip, hip
Challenge: strip, sprig, stitch, wiggle
High Frequency Words: on, make, am, did, as

2nd 9 Weeks

Week 1:
hop, pop, top, mop
pot, hot, got, lot
dog, fog, bog, log
Challenge: frog, stop, shop, shot
High Frequency Words: his, do, he, we, little

Week 2:
sun, bun, fun, pun
bug, rug, rug, jug
cut, but, rut, nut
Challenge: stun, slug, shut, spun
High Frequency Words: see, for, this, up, all

Week 3:
bed, wed, fed, Ted
ten, pen, den, hen
bet, met, get, set
Challenge: bless, bend, bent, bled
High Frequency Words: be, no, if, of

Week 4:
cap, nap, tap, sap
sip, nip, tip, dip
cop, top, sop, mop
Challenge: strap, snip, stop, stomp
High Frequency Words: are, so, ask, day, was

Week 5:
fan, pan, tan
pin, win, tin
ten, pen, den
pun, fun, run
Challenge: grin, plan, bunt, tent
High Frequency Words: boy, now, out, girl, or

Week 6:
sack, pack, back, tack
tick, sick, pick, lick
sock, dock, lock, tock
Challenge: slack, black, stick, shock
High Frequency Words: give, have, said, come, by

Week 7:
sad, sip, sock
had, hip, hen
ship, shack, shop, shin, shut, shuck
Challenge: shirt, sink, hint, hand
High Frequency Words: here, into, call, saw, she

Week 8:
shin, ship, shack, shop
chin, chip, chop, chat
thin, thick, thud, thug
Challenge: shirk, shift, think, church
High Frequency Words: one, put, our, came, yellow

Week 9:
sack, sick, sit
tack, top, tip
stack, stick, stock, stop, stun, stuck
Challenge: stink, tank, trip, strip
High Frequency Words: too, blue, new, say, any

3rd 9 weeks

Week 1:
stick, stop, stack, stuck
spill, spin, spot, spit
slip, slim, slam, slop
Challenge: stomp, stamp, spunk, slump
High Frequency Words: many, then, your, some, than

Week 2:
gab, get, got
grab, grits, grub
dab, dip, dot
drab, drip, drop
Challenge: grand, grasp, damp, draft
High Frequency Words: very, us, gave, way

Week 3:
dip, dab, den, dot
drip, drab, drum, drop
jab, jam, jump, jog
Challenge: drank, drink, drug, junk
High Frequency Words: live, yes, they, talk, walk

Week 4:
chip, chop, chat
trip, trap, truck
jab, jack, jam
drip, drag, drum
Challenge: chunk, chimp, champ, chest
High Frequency Words: them, jump, more, what, over

Week 5:
much, ranch, inch, such
dish, hush, cash, mash
path, bath, sloth, cloth
Challenge: bunch, crunch, month, crash
High Frequency Words: pretty, under, went, want, brown

Week 6:
shot, chat, bet, slot
best, wrist, cast, past
lift, loft, draft, craft
Challenge: shift, theft, blast, crest
High Frequency Words: eat, well, must, white, just

Week 7:
glad, grid, skid
flat, that, shot
bend, band, mend
dent, cent, hint
Challenge: sprint, splint, grand, strand
High Frequency Words: him, who, how, people, green

Week 8:
slap, drag, chap, plan
stop, shop, shot, plod
shut, shun, stuck, stun
Challenge: chant, stunt, grand, plank
High Frequency Words: fly, there,their, about, thing

4th 9 weeks:

Week 1:
hat, clap, stand, stamp, mad, plant
hate, place, game, flame, made, fame
Challenge: strange, replace, behave, shave
High Frequency Words: these, those, zoo, ride, more

Week 2:
stand, chant, jack, grand, slant, task
fake, tame, stake, came, blame, flake
Challenge: create, inflate, insane, reframe
High Frequency Words: nice, family, time, again, cold

Week 3:
string, trick, hid, bring, win, spin
bike, hide, mine, pine, lime, size
Challenge: upside, stride, beside, refine
High Frequency Words: school, car, coat, around, round

Week 4:
hand, cash
crane, grape, lake, shade
swing, spill
knife, smile, slide, pride
Challenge: napkin, plastic, mistake, alive
High Frequency Words: once, old, night, write, word

Week 5:
block, pond, chomp, stop, pop, clock
phone, stole, whole, rope, broke, home
Challenge: alone, notebook, explode, boneless
High Frequency Words: because, place, long, work, away

Week 6:
drum, dusk, grunt, plump, mug, brush
tube, tune, flute, huge, cute, prune
Challenge: bubble, perfume, pumpkin, excuse
High Frequency Words: been, brother, sister, first, which

Week 7:
cost, spot, slob, crop
close, drove, froze, slope
shut, snug, plump, must
mule, mute, dune, rule
Challenge: refuse, trumpet, homemade, monster
High Frequency Words: it's, he's, she's, that's, here's

Week 8:
far, parch, cart, start
porch, sort, pork, sport
bird, stir, girl, dirt
Challenge: alarm, harvest, chorus, dirty
High Frequency Words: can't, didn't, aren't, don't, isn't



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