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Simple Invertebrates

Simple Invertebrates

1. Asymmetrical  - body CANNOT be divided into mirror image

  ***  Sponges - animals that have no true organization.
                    These animals are the only animals without real tissues or organs. 
                    The tissue surrounding the canal is filled with lots of pores, or holes. 
                    Porifera - their phylum name because of their pores. 
                    All members of the Phylum Porifera live in water. 


2. Radial Symmetry - a body om which all body parts of an organism are arranged around a center point. They have more than one line that divides the organism

   *** Cnidarians - jellyfish, sea anemones, corals, and hydras
                             They have soft bodies, aquatic ( in water)
                             They have a mouth, tentacles, muscle tissue, and stinger cells. 
                             When they hunt, their stingers shoot out like tiny harpoons. 
                             Poison is inside their cells help them capture other animals


3. Bilateral Symmetry - a body plan in which organisms can be divbided along only one plane fo their bady to 
                                     produce two mirror images. 
    *** Flatworms - or platyhelminthes - have a flat boady with ahead with simple eyes and a mouth
                                 one body opening,        
    *** Roundworms  - or Nematodes - have simple digestive and nervous systems
                                                     Live inside of other animals
   *** Segmented Worms - or annelids - have a body p;an divided into sections,or segments.
                                                        They have a 2-way digestive system, organs - stomach, heart, and brain. 


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