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Module 1

Module 1: Place Value, Rounding, Adding, Subtracting

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Topic A: lessons 1-4


1.) Click here to watch a video to help you round numbers to the nearest place value!




3.) Round the number 324,678 to the nearest ten thousand.


This number will round to 320,000 because it is closer to 320,000 than 330,000.

Topic B: lessons 5-6

Topic C: lessons 7-10

Topic D: lessons 11-12


Ex 1: Sarah has $445 in the bank.  Bob has $200 more than Sarah.  Draw a tape diagram to illustrate Bob and Sarah's money.


Ex 2: How much money do Bob and Sarah have all together?

        445 + 445 + 200 = $1090


Ex 3: Estimate how much money Bob and Sarah have together (round to the nearest ten).

       450 + 450 + 200 = $1100


Ex 4: Is your answer reasonable after finding the estimate?

Yes, my answer is reasonable.  It is only $10 away from the estimate.



TAPE DIAGRAMS-subtracting

Ex 1: A stadium has a total of 9,520 seats.  450 of the seats are in the shade.  Draw a tape diagram to illustrate.


Ex 2: How many seats are not in the shade?


         9,070 seats are not in the shade.


Topic E: lessons 13-16

Topic F: lessons 17-19

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