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Weekly focus

Week 02/20/18 - 02/23/18

Natural Selection

Terms: Evoltion, Fossils, Cladogram, population bell graphs

Concepts: What is evolution? How did Charles Darwin contribute? What did he observe about finches? How do Fossils provide evidence for evolution?


Week 02/05/18 - 02/16/18

Natural Selection

Terms: Adaptation, Mutation, Camouflage, Variation 

Concepts: How does Natural Selection drive evolution?

Real life examples of Natural Selection: Peppered Moths of Manchester



Week 12/04/17 - 12/08/17

Heredity & Genetics

Be prepared to learn these terms!



And learn how to predict genetic heredity with punnett squares


Week 10/17/17 - 10/21/17

Photosynthesis and Cellular respiration

photosynthesis and cellular repiration

Photosynthesis: Chloroplasts are organelles in plant cells. Chloroplasts are what makes leaves green, and they are also what takes the carbon dioxide, the water, and the light, and turns them into sugar and oxygen. The sugar is then used by the plants for food, and the oxygen is breathed out into the atmosphere. This process as a whole is "photosynthesis."

Cellular RespirationCellular respiration is the cellular process that turn oxygen and glucose taken into the cell into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and then release the waste products CO2 and H2O. Respiration is one of the key ways a cell releases chemical energy to fuel cellular activity. Cellular respiration occurs in the mitochondria organelle.


Week 8/14/17 - 8/18/17

Scientific Method


Sci method

Vocabulary: Observation, Inference, Qualitative, Quantitative, Scientific Method, Data, Hypothesis, Variables




Week  11: 10/24/2016 - 10/28/2016

Genetics and Heredity Unit

Vocabulary - DNA, Gene, Chromosome, Traits, Asexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction, Genotype, Phenotype, Dominant Gene, Recessive Gene, Punnett Square, Selective Breading, Mutation, Purebred, Hybrid

Genetics Remediation - http://www.cccoe.net/genetics/student.html

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